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22 images spelling Build CSS designs fastuild CSS designs fast
29 images spelling & manage your own CSS library manage your own CSS library

Make robust CSS template designs fast

Unlimited combinations of:-

  • HTML or XHTML Templates
  • 9 different layouts
  • in 1, 2 or 3 columns
  • fixed, float or scalable widths
  • over 40 color styles
  • Over 10 text styles
  • Loads of bitmap images
  • Create new designs amazingly fast
  • 100% customisable code
  • Simple step by step wizard
  • Anyone can do it. No coding required
  • Apply existing designs to new layouts
  • Build a usable design library

CSS generator that saves you time and effort

Download FREE CSS Generator OR watch a CSS video tutorial.

CSS wizard is a FREE CSS design generator that gives you an easy to configure library of CSS website templates and code snippets. Existing layouts, features or colours can be selected to very quickly build unique designs.

Beginners get simple CSS property editors to customize their designs.

Experts quickly generate robust designs , leaving more time to hand code the detail.

CSS design wizard creates modern, table-less, compliant, accessible, SEO friendly websites that are cross browser compatible.

CSS generator comes with extra templates and stylesheets when you purchase.

FREE when you try Pure SEO CMS website builder software

All you have to do is download our Pure SEO CMS website design software to unlock the CSS Wizard.

The two programs work together to give hand code quality, fully optimized, accessible web pages that will generate far more traffic from the search engines.

Pure SEO CMS is fast and simple and includes many automated features for creating exciting designs that alternate throughout every page or section of the website.

Download this free website design software hereand compare the page build quality with that of any hand or CMS built site. Its accessibility and SEO structure cannot be matched.

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